The Changing Landscape

From cyberattacks to fires to active shooter incidents, every day, you face multiple threats within the confines of your organization. The outcome of any emergency will depend on your ability to quickly alert all affected individuals – inside your facility, in-motion across campus and even off-site. This may call for notification methods outside of traditional devices, yet you must be able to access them fast. That makes seamless integration of your systems highly critical.

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The Test of Time

At Motorola Solutions, our emergency notification technology has proudly withstood the test of time. For 30+ years, we’ve seen thousands of public and private sector clients through the very worst of circumstances – natural disasters, active shooter events, IT disruptions, transportation incidents, pandemics and more.

All the while, we’ve honed our craft, intently listening and responding to customer needs, and embracing technological change through ongoing innovation and strategic partnerships.

Today, Motorola Solutions continues to offer extraordinarily fast, fully secure and always reliable emergency notification solutions that are completely open to integration and backed by trusted, knowledgeable 24/7 support.

Our proven VESTA® portfolio serves organizations of all sizes located around the world. Our customers include Public Safety agencies, Federal operations and corporate entities, including those in finance, insurance, healthcare, utilities, transportation, manufacturing and more. Customers tell us there is no situation, large or small, our powerful on-site and hosted solutions can't handle.

Read about our industry-renowned platforms below and then contact us to learn how our VESTA solutions can help keep your community safe and people connected when it matters most.

Our Emergency Notification Solution

List-Based Notification

For simple-to-complex list-based communications, our customers rely on VESTA® Communicator, aka The Communicator! NXT. The VESTA Communicator solution is a widely deployed, highly utilized platform for immediate, multi-modal notification of specific individuals, groups or teams. It captures all-important feedback, such as ETA, to deliver a level of communication that results in faster, more informed decision-making. Additionally, as evidenced on 9/11 and for other events, its use enables faster, better coordinated emergency response for employee safety and operational resilience.

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Map-Driven Alerting

The new VESTA® Alert map-based solution is optimized for population warning and mass notification. It encompasses the quality and reliability customers have come to expect from our VESTA portfolio. One of the most attractive features is its ease of use via the intuitive interface. Designated individuals can quickly and accurately identify the area(s) at risk, issue an alert and get their citizens the information they need, when they need it.

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