For PSAPs 2-10 Positions

Whether your PSAP has 4 positions or 40, the responsibilities of Public Safety remain the same. This includes the need for the latest technology at your Calltakers' fingertips.

At Motorola Solutions, we've been serving PSAPs of all sizes for almost 50 years. We know all PSAPs don't have the same resources. Yet, the reality is - SAFETY HAS NO SIZE™. That's why we've created a VESTA® solution for PSAPs of every size.

A Program to Meet Your Unique Needs

We know PSAPs 10 positions and under have unique needs, which is why we've created a program to best serve you – the VESTA® 9-1-1 Essentials solution.

It takes your resources into account: your budget constraints (now and future) and the fact you have minimal to no technical staff to dedicate time to NG9-1-1. It was built to address these constraints, while fulfilling your needs, giving you indispensable functionality to protect your community, while making your job easier.

You need technology that will take you into Next Generation, and a support team who will keep their eyes out for potential problems before they arise so you have peace of mind.

What You Can Expect

Read Your Stories

What you experience in your PSAP and community is unique. Yet, because SAFETY HAS NO SIZE, your knowledge is invaluable to your peers. That's why we always want to share your stories, and below we highlight a few.

Read them to learn how PSAPs your size are overcoming challenges, whether it be in budgeting, recruiting, training or managing a catastrophic event. Also, gain insight into how the intuitive design and built-in tutorials of the VESTA® 9-1-1 Call Handling solution make onboarding easier.

Overcome the Challenges

It's a fact; Public Safety is undergoing its biggest technology change yet, which means your PSAP's technology has to evolve, too. Again, we know not all PSAPs have the budgets or facilities to host standard NG9-1-1 solutions. And, that's why we've created a VESTA solution specifically for PSAPs with 10 positions or less. Learn more about feature-rich functionality and budget-friendly cost of the VESTA® 9-1-1 Essentials.