VESTA® Network Security Operations Center

Learn why so many agencies trust our VESTA® Network Security Operations Center (NSOC) designed exclusively for Public Safety communications.

We welcome the opportunity to do the same for you.

Routine system monitoring, network connectivity issues and ongoing cyber threats eat up valuable time and resources. There are complexities and challenges associated with maintaining communications integrity. At Motorola Solutions, we understand the weight of your responsibility, and why we proudly offer our NSOC, a best-in-class solution for 24/7 monitoring and 9-1-1 systems management.

The NSOC includes state-of-the-art technology, processes and tools all provided by our highly trained, dedicated team.

Benefits of the NSOC for Your Agency

Maximize Performance: Increase system uptime and quality of service through fast detection of service disruptions and restoration of services

Save Time: Take back valuable minutes and better allocate resources with proactive monitoring that helps reduce truck rolls and IT support requests

Rely on Trusted Expertise: Depend on our skilled team to be the first line of defense and have greater peace of mind

Reduce Risk: Gain visibility, enhance performance and increase cyber security with our full suite of NSOC offerings.

NSOC Offerings

Choose one or multiple services to help ensure communications integrity and ultimately, the safety of your community.

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