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To help our customers stay focused on what’s important – the safety of their communities, Motorola Solutions provides an unmatched suite of Managed Services that ensure system integrity and provide immediate assistance when necessary. To learn about the various offerings for our VESTA® 9-1-1 and Land Mobile Radio (LMR) solutions, please see their respective tabs below. Let our team of highly-skilled product and support specialists protect your continuity of communications 24/7.

Managed Services

Managed Services Offerings

Monitoring and Response

Our comprehensive Managed Services provide Next Generation 9-1-1 system protection and reliability for emergency call centers 24/7. Agencies gain secure, direct connectivity with our exclusive Service Management Center (SMC) when choosing our Monitoring and Response service with any combination of the following: Patch Management, Virus Protection and/or Disaster Recovery. Managed Services' customers maintain the highest level of system integrity possible, even as issues such as cyber attacks pose potentially fatal risks on a daily, if not hourly, basis.

Monitoring and Response

Provides a proactive monitoring of key systems to mitigate risks, along with a comprehensive plan should network availability become threatened.

Virus Protection

Optimizes system security without involving personnel or compromising operations. We have partnered with a best-in-class antivirus service provider to automatically distribute critical virus protection updates, ensuring they are received in a timely, efficient manner. Their products are continuously certified and are proven to automatically detect and remove various viruses.

Patch Management

Helps ensure data integrity, software compliancy and system security at all times. In choosing this service, we apply and test Microsoft®-certified patches for you and then track and report on their successful deployment.

Disaster Recovery

Offers automatic data "saves" and real-time "snapshots" of all remotely monitored systems to a separate backup system that is located at the customer site. By partnering with a leading disaster recovery software provider, we enable operations to continue with minimal downtime, even in the event of a major failure, by quickly restoring workstations and servers.

For added peace of mind, Motorola Solutions provides our customers with Remote Monitoring on their P25 VESTA™ Radio system.

The remote monitoring service is provided through our state-of-the-art System Monitoring Center (SMC) in Temecula, California. When an alarm sounds on a customer’s VESTA Radio system, the SMC is immediately informed. Issues are quickly addressed by our technical support team based in our Gatineau, Canada facility, and usually resolved by the time the customer realizes a problem has occurred.

Key Benefits

  • Available exclusively to all LMR customers
  • Immediately and automatically alerts Motorola Solutions’ SMC of issues
  • Facilitates timely technical support from trained specialists
  • Helps ensure continuous communication and gives first responders and other users confidence