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Field engineering is really where “the rubber meets the road” – where your system design becomes a reality.

At Motorola Solutions, your satisfaction and success is of utmost importance. This is why we have a dedicated team of highly-qualified personnel – our field engineers – to put your VESTA® solution in place and more importantly, to ensure it’s working as you expect and deserve.

To do so, our field engineers stay in close contact with you from installation to cutover, no matter how simple or complex the system. They make sure the rubber hits the road on day one and beyond, helping our customers keep all our communities safe.

Project Management

Key Benefits

To learn more about our field engineering services for Next Generation 9-1-1 (NG9-1-1), Land Mobile Radio (LMR) or Emergency Notification solutions, please see the tabs below.

Monitoring and Response

Motorola Solutions currently offers a variety of Field Engineering services, from complete installation services to remote assistance. Our fully trained engineers work with our customers to install, configure, test and seamlessly cut new NG9-1-1 systems into operation.

For a typical VESTA® 9-1-1 installation, your field engineer will:

  • Remotely configure and make the system work as documented in the agreed-to Design Document
  • Perform Router, Switch and Firewall Configurations (on Motorola Solutions-provided equipment)
  • Perform Installation and Configuration of the Motorola Solutions-provided mapping and MIS solution(s)
  • Ensure proper CDR data is presented to CAD and/or other third party products
  • Complete a Site Verification Checklist that demonstrates the system is functioning as designed and configured
  • Work with Motorola Solutions technical Subject Matter Experts on issues that cannot be immediately resolved
  • Return to the site to perform the system cutover and provide 24 hours of post-cut support

Field engineering for our VESTA® Radio solutions is carried out by two sets of individuals: 1) site developers, who prepare the space or land, and 2) system integration engineers, who fine tune various system components based on site conditions, in order to integrate others’ systems with ours. Together they accomplish the following:

  • Defines and establishes the deployment process
  • Determines local administrative constraints (e.g., documentation, working safety rules, technical standards, etc.)
  • Manages integration, staging and field testing of the solution, including interfaces with external equipment
  • Performs radio site surveys and validation and more

Field Engineering services are provided for our customers choosing an on-site deployment of our VESTA® notification solution. Following system purchase, your designated field engineer will:

  • Provide on-premise services to build and install your notification solution and ensure it works to your satisfaction
  • Assist with the integration to your telephone network (ISDN/CAS T1/Analog), LAN/WAN, and email systems
  • Work with local network administrators to ensure connectivity to Motorola Solutions’ data center for configuration of items such as SMS/texting, MassCall® and NxT DataSync Backup
  • Configure map layers and data for ease of viewing and searching, when implementing our map-driven notification solution
  • Deliver basic training on your Motorola Solutions’ notification systems when required
  • Provide on-site, second-tier support for issues that cannot be resolved remotely by our Technical Services team