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featured An increasing number of PSAP supervisors and call takers are quickly recognizing and relying on the desktop user interface (UI) of VESTA® 9-1-1, the industry’s most trusted solution for Next Generation 9-1-1 (NG9-1-1) call processing.
Read More... Woman Operator Inter-RF Sub-System Interface (ISSI), part of the APCO Project 25 (P25) suite of standards, enables interoperable voice communications for first responders on different vendor networks. Russ Bowers, City of Westminster CO, talks about how the new capabilities are benefiting first responders and citizens. “It’s a capability we didn’t have before,” says Russ.

Read More... Woman Operator When the City of Richardson invested in a fiber optic network nearly 15 years ago, it charted a course to create an infrastructure that would support all phases of the City’s technology needs, including mission critical public safety systems. Today the City’s vision places it within a group of pioneers who are approaching communications investments differently and realizing significant cost and operational efficiencies.
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The immediate past President of Association of Public Safety Communications Officials (APCO) shares what she sees as the biggest challenges for APCO and public safety communications, and what’s next for her.

Read More... Here are just some of the events taking place around the country that we are excited about and want to share with you.
Read More... LIGHTS CAMERA ACTION! From California to New York, Public Safety professionals are adopting a new and fun way to learn about NG9-1-1 and ESInets. Check out what the New York State (NYS) Coordinators and NYS National Emergency Number Association (NENA) Chapter Conference participants saw at their meeting in the fall. A picture is worth a thousand words.
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