A Message from the CEO

Dear Customers, Channel Partners, Technology Partners and Colleagues,

As 2016 comes to a close, I reflect on the many great successes we've celebrated and the challenges we've tackled. And one thing is for certain — we would not be where we are today without you. Thank you for your support.

Like I tell our team, every year is different, and 2017 will be no exception. It will be a year of many changes. There's no doubt that Public Safety is changing. So, it should come as no surprise that the home of VESTA® is too. In fact, this is a time when your 'Critical Matters' will matter the most. That's why we are moving forward on many fronts and taking on new roles and responsibilities to better serve you.

For one, we are enriching the VESTA® portfolio. In the coming weeks, you will see a new release of the VESTA® Analytics solution, and shortly after, we will announce the next release of our flagship VESTA® 9-1-1 Call Handling system. Both releases address key enhancements you have requested, from supporting multiple data migration paths to increased ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) functionality, to better align with your operations.

You will also see, beginning in the New Year's first quarter, new service offerings of our VESTA® NEXT portfolio, which includes IP call handling, call routing, ESInet and GIS services. With regard to the new roles and responsibilities previously mentioned, you may be aware that we have achieved CLEC (Competitive Local Exchange Carrier) status in seven states, with approval pending in three more!

For our VESTA® Radio customers, our P25 standards-compliant solution continues to bring new functionality. For one, the VESTA Radio solution now supports TDMA operations for P25 enabling more call capacity on your network. And just last week we released the VESTA Radio Location solution that allows you to track GPS enabled radios and users on a client control room location mapping application or on a connected CAD system.

With regard to Emergency Notification, we announced a new release of our VESTA® Communicator solution, formerly known as The Communicator! NXT, for group, team and employee notification. It includes new functionality, like the new integrated Survey Module.

We are moving forward. We are listening to you. And I hope you see, we are evolving to better fulfill our promises to you.

This movement and our achievements were recently recognized by Frost and Sullivan, who awarded us their 2016 Best Practices Award for NG9-1-1 Company of the Year. I encourage you to download the report. It describes why we won and the process of how we were selected. You will find that many of the conclusions reached by Frost and Sullivan are what we hear from you. Here are two examples:

“The company’s leadership and designers spend a great deal of time with customers in forums and ongoing service relationships. The multifaceted relationship focuses on listening to customers and building solutions to increase value, saving public safety providers time and money.”

“The company offers a strong customer-focused and customizable service and support process. From installation, training, and project management, Airbus DS Communications walks customers through each step of the hardware and software implementation process and maintains best-in-class service and support throughout the lifecycle of the solution.”

Both of these quotes speak directly to our promise to keep people connected WHEN IT MATTERS MOST and to create smarter ways to KEEP ALL OUR COMMUNITIES SAFE.

I am proud of the Airbus DS Communications team who supports you every day. I am proud of the trust you place in this team every day. This award endorses what we are always working to achieve – to thoroughly understand your environment and what you need to be successful from many different perspectives. In closing, know that we will continue to see it through your eyes.

On behalf of Airbus DS Communications, best wishes to you and yours for a safe and happy holiday season. We are excited about 2017 and the future we are building together.