NG9-1-1 Company of the Year

We are honored to announce that Airbus DS Communications has been awarded by Frost and Sullivan their 2016 Best Practices as the NG9-1-1 Company of the Year. We invite you to download the report that provides the details. And below, please see the quote from Analyst Brendan Read.

On Adapting to Change

“Individuals and businesses are using, evolving multichannel, visual, information-rich, and mobile-first communications technologies, and the public safety sector must adapt accordingly. The VESTA® suite from Airbus DS Communications encompasses a range of next-generation 911 solutions that fill the gaps and empower public safety answering points to modernize call control capabilities, data management, and mapping services. Highly perceptive of vital trends in emergency response and emerging technologies, VESTA delivers industry leading NG911 solutions.”
Brendan Read, Senior Industry Analyst, Frost & Sullivan

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