Land Mobile Radio: What You Need to Know NOW

The Facts That Matter

The important thing to know, when you purchase your radio system, is that you have choices. Open standards, interoperability and competitive procurement are creating new ways to help you protect your community and put you in control. Knowing these four facts can make all the difference in your decision

1. FACT: Agencies Benefit from Multi-Vendor Networks Click to listen.

But don’t take our word for it. Hear directly from customers. Steve Graves, CIO for the City of Richardson, TX, Robert Stack, former Assistant Chief of Police and current Director of Enhanced 9-1-1 for the City of Lexington, KY, Russ Bowers, Public Safety Communications Administrator for Westminster, CO give their perspective on deploying a P25 radio system - from competitive procurement to enhanced coverage, improved interoperability and open IP architecture – and how all of these impact their choice, control and going the extra mile to ensure safety for their communities.

2. FACT: Why an Open, IP Architecture Offers A More Cost Effective Way to Manage and Operate Your Radio System Click to listen.

There are many benefits to having an LMR system with an open, IP architecture, including operational cost savings, ease of adding new equipment and the availability of remote monitoring and troubleshooting.

3. FACT: Open, Standards-Compliant Solutions Keep You in Control

An open, standards compliant system takes control, operationally and financially, out of the hands of vendors and puts it into the hands of the customer.

4. FACT: Competitive Procurements Drive Lower LMR Costs

When you get multiple proposals for your agency’s new LMR system, you have the opportunity to select the solution that not only falls within your cost parameters, but best fits your technical requirements and operational needs.