At NENA 2017, Booth #101 so you can, for starters:

  • Get your cowboy hat and have your picture taken in the VESTA Wild West
  • Take a look into the future - where do YOU want to go in the VESTA Landscape?
  • See the new "VESTA Goes Mobile" and how you can get your data anywhere, anytime, on your phone
  • Discuss groundbreaking topics, including "Anatomy of a Hack," in our Innovation Theater
  • Find out how to win a free lunch for your center – a new program for PSAPs 10 positions and under

Lots of pardners will be stopping by. Get your demo scheduled early. Contact your Airbus Regional Account Manager or email VESTAMarketing@airbus-dscomm.com. We'll make sure it happens!



DIANA GIJSELAERS - Systems Engineer - NG9-1-1 GIS & Core Services
June 5th, 2:30 PM - 3:30 PM NG9-1-1 101 | Lights, Camera, NG9-1-1

NG9-1-1 and GIS can be quite the alphabet soup! Join us for a live enacting of the NG9-1-1 call flow, as we present a fun and easy way to understand GIS and i3 elements. Prepare to learn and laugh as we provision GIS data to the NG9-1-1 network, validate a location, and geospatially route a call. You will see NG9-1-1 and GIS in a whole new way!

Diana Gijselaers is an Motorola Solutions Solutions Engineer for NG9-1-1 Core Services. She joined the home of VESTA® team in 2012, bringing with her ten plus years of rich experience in Public Safety, specifically in GIS for 9-1-1 and Emergency Preparedness, creating elegant maps that responders could trust and rely on.

Diana earned an interdisciplinary Bachelor's of Science degree in Soil and Water Science from the University of Florida and is a graduate of URISA's GIS Leadership Academy. She is an active member of several past and current NENA Workgroups focusing on GIS and NG9-1-1 including the NG9-1-1 GIS Data Model, Site/Structure Address Point, Forest Guide; and ECRF/LVF Provisioning Workgroups. Recently Diana was selected to be a Co-Chair of the new NENA Workgroup GIS Data Stewardship for NG9-1-1.

Her knowledge, dedication and commitment to Public Safety is inspiring.

DAN ZEILER - Director of Cybersecurity
June 7th, 2:45 PM - 3:45 PM Securing 9-1-1 | Cybersecurity for All

We live in a climate of increasing cyber aggression. The bot net creation process, for example, makes it possible for giant attacks to come from very small players, changing the PSAP threat landscape dramatically. How can 9-1-1 authorities’ best combat these evolving threats? What standards and reporting guidance exist to help you assess and control the risks? We all know what is at stake. Learn more about how to plan.

Leading a team of highly experienced security engineers, Dan Zeiler is responsible for Motorola Solutions' cyber security department. Since joining Motorola Solutions in 2016.

Dan aligns internal and external security practices to national standards, implementing a risk management framework that structure both Next Generation and internal cyber defense activities around a risk based design.

With over 27 years of experience in cryptology, cyber defense, network operations, and network architecture, Dan comes to Airbus from a Life Safety managed service background, having provided services, architectural designs, and governance to leading manufactures of implantable medical devices as well as Fortune 500 financial service firms.

Dan holds certifications in Information Security, Governance, Cyber Forensics, Ethical Hacking, Risk Control, Security Management, Information Systems Auditing and various technical disciplines as well as a BS in IT Security.