What was really important for us during the flood, when our call volume was so high, was the reliability of VESTA®. We knew we could count on VESTA to be there for every call.”

Kristy Taylor, Operations Manager, Washington County 9-1-1

The Flood and The Call for Help

What You Need to Know Now

A three part webinar series based on a real incident to demonstrate how the VESTA® solutions help PSAPs solve problems and increase productivity to save more lives. We have completed our first two sessions and now wrap up the series with a look at the importance of having the right data at the right time.

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The Right Data at The Right Time Featuring VESTA™ Analytics

There is a reason VESTA Analytics is the last topic in the series – analyzing the outcome with accurate data.

As Anita Pit, Program Manager for BVCOG and a member of our Product Webinar Advisory Board says, “Data helps you do your job better. The more information you have, the more power you have for budget purposes or for justification for more staff. Data is critical.”

Using the real life example of the flood in Washington County, TX, this session looks at the reports in VESTA Analytics that help PSAPs analyze the critical elements after an event and on a daily basis. We will examine the following:

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The Flood and the Call for Help is a three part education webinar series, based on the flood in Washington County, Texas in May. The purpose of the series is to demonstrate how you can use the VESTA® solutions to respond with power and confidence to the citizens you serve.

Whether you are a PSAP Supervisor, Manager, Calltaker or IT Manager, this series offers great training for everyone. It’s essentially a mini training course, based on a real-life scenario that will absolutely increase your PSAP’s effectiveness in using the VESTA system.

What PSAPs Gain from the series:

August 10 – 1:00 PM CST – Featuring VESTA™ Analytics

The other 2 series were held on:

To request the recordings from the first 2 sessions contact us at vestamarketing@airbus-dscomm.com

A Prize Awaits You at Our APCO Booth #1353

We know your time is valuable and we appreciate it so much when you can spend some of it with us. As our way of saying thank you, if you attend one of the webinars you will receive a very special ‘prize.’ If you attend 2 webinars the prize is even better. And if you attend all three – we can’t wait to show you what you get! Stop by Booth 1353 at APCO to claim your prize!

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