NG9-1-1 and i3: What You Need to Know NOW

Cassidian Communications Building

Cassidian Communications’ senior product area manager and a passionate NG9-1-1 expert, Jeff Gillan, recently explained how you can gain greater benefits from NG9-1-1 and i3. Click here to view his presentation.

The next big ‘Aha’!... An i3 Network and NG9-1-1 Implementation will only be as good as the Agent’s ability to effectively manage the NG9-1-1 Incidents. The importance of the user experience at the desktop is increasing.

This is just one of the takeaways hundreds of attendees gained from Cassidian Communications’ recent webinar with Jeff Gillan. A big thanks to all of you who joined us. Based on the comments we continue to receive from you, the information shared was both valuable and helpful. In fact, many of you are asking for an encore and we plan to deliver! Stay tuned for ‘Part 2’.

For those who weren’t able to join us or those who want to view the presentation again, there is good news! We recorded Jeff’s presentation, and it’s available for access here.

You won’t want to miss the important points that Jeff shares in his presentation, including:

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