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Funding Resources

One of the most important elements to getting NG911 Ready is funding. The question, “how will we pay for it?” is frequently what controls your timing for implementation. The good news is there are resources to help fund NG91-1. We have several suggestions for you to look into.

In addition to traditional funding sources (taxes, line contribution rate revenues, etc.), a funding source often used by public safety for one time or “extraordinary” expenses are grants. Here are sites you can go to for information.

From a state grant perspective, each state typically offers public safety grants. The links below give you some examples.

From a federal grant perspective, the current federal grant information can be found at The DHS (Department of Homeland Security), DOT (Department of Transportation) DOJ (Department of Justice) and NTIA, (National Telecommunications and Information Association) are also a possible source for grants and can be found at or by going directly to the agency website.

Plus, check with our industry organizations such as NENA,, APCO, SAFECOM, for opportunities. You can also look at sites like and that will have information.

Two other links for you to look at are and

We have included funding guidelines to help you educate local city and county government officials on the importance of funding NG9-1-1. To see the guidelines click here and if you want us to help you or walk through how to approach your local officials with it, don’t hesitate to contact us