At APCO 2017, Booth #1601 here is just a smidgen of what awaits you!

  • Get your cowboy hat and have your picture taken in the VESTA Wild West
  • Get answers, be inspired, see new innovations - all happening in the Innovation Theater – like..
    • Finding out where are you on the NG9-1-1 Readiness Scorecard and why it matters - 11:00 AM, Monday, 8-14
    • Or, "VESTA Goes Mobile" - how you can get your data anywhere, anytime, on your phone – 1:00 PM, Tuesday, 8-15
  • GET YOUR DEMO! Lots of pardners will be stopping by so get your demo scheduled early. Contact your Airbus Regional Account Manager or email VESTAMarketing@airbus-dscomm.com and we’ll get your time reserved.



DAN ZEILER - Director of Cybersecurity
August 14 and August 16 | Both at 4:30 PM - 5:30 PM | Social Media Friend or Foe? Protecting Public Safety from Evolving Cyber Threats

Social media: a two edged sword. What are the risks & rewards of usage, sharing, and over-sharing on social media? How does social media data collection impact the safety and operations functionality of PSAPs? Learn how to best combat evolving threats while recognizing the benefits of social media to interact with the public. Reduce the risk of being the latest “trending topic” on social media and ensure your staff perform their primary mission without being impacted by the cyber-attack du jour.

Leading a team of highly experienced security engineers, Dan Zeiler is responsible for Motorola Solutions' cyber security department. Since joining Motorola Solutions in 2016, Dan aligns internal and external security practices to national standards, implementing a risk management framework that includes both Next Generation and internal cyber defense activities around a risk based design.

With over 27 years of experience in cryptology, cyber defense, network operations, and network architecture, Dan comes to Airbus from a Life Safety managed service background, having provided services, architectural designs, and governance to leading manufactures of implantable medical devices as well as Fortune 500 financial service firms.

Dan holds certifications in Information Security, Governance, Cyber Forensics, Ethical Hacking, Risk Control, Security Management, Information Systems Auditing and various technical disciplines as well as a BS in IT Security.

JOHN SZPAK - General Manager VESTA® Radio
August 16 | 10:15 AM - 11:15 AM | How Commercial Broadband-P25 Linkage Benefits Your City and Paves the Way to FirstNet

Linking Commercial Broadband and P25 systems provides an effective on-ramp to understanding interoperability challenges between wideband and narrowband users and access to new services preparing for FirstNet. Gain an overview of the P25/commercial interoperability carrier solutions, the new capabilities that are brought with the integration of cellular/P25 systems, the operational challenges and opportunities from a real life experience with FirstNet approaching.

John is responsible for P&L management, driving go-to-market (GTM) strategic planning, strategic relationships, goals, portfolio and policies to meet both short-term and long-term operational plans for the P25 public safety systems business as well as pre-/post-sales activities, proposal delivery, system delivery and maintenance. John manages a cross-functional matrix organization comprised of sales and capture support, network/radio engineering and design, R&D, project management, customer network deployment and customer support activities.

John holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Miami and a Master’s of Science in Computer Engineering from Florida Atlantic University. He joined Motorola Solutions seven years ago after a distinguished career at Motorola and EFJohnson. At EFJohnson, John built the R&D organization from the ground up, including the engineering of the P25 Land Mobile Radio product line.

His passion, commitment and integrity is a tremendous asset to Public Safety and a subject matter expert you don’t want to miss.