7 FACTS from the home of

FACT #6 You’re in control, not the vendor.

Why is this important? Because when you have control you have greater protection for the investment you make. The way to protect your investment is to purchase a solution that is open and standards-based. When you do this, you have choice and when you have choice, you have control. The key is finding the vendor that believes it’s a good thing for you to have choice and control. We do at the home of VESTA.

Our customers say it best

VESTA™ Radio

What is critical to the City of Lexington and the City of Richardson matters to us

VESTA® 9-1-1

What is critical to York County,
matters to us.

Whether we are talking about the NENA i3 standard and NG9-1-1 or the APCO Project 25 (P25) standard and Land Mobile Radio, we hold to our promise to design with an open mind, putting you in control of components, technologies, and, ultimately, the cost of providing the mission critical communications solutions needed to keep people connected when it matters most.

Know we are working diligently every day to keep our promises to you.