7 FACTS from the home of VESTA


When lives are at stake, you need people on your team you can depend on, who have your back every step of the way, and that is who we are. We’re your home team and have been there for you for over 40 years.

VESTA® is one of the most trusted names in public safety communications, with a strong lineage and results you can count on. Many of you know this to be true because you have relied on VESTA for your 9-1-1 call processing needs for many, many years.

But a team is more than a trusted name. It’s the people behind the name who make the difference. And at the home of VESTA, this is a fact you can take to the bank.

Your home team consists of some of the most committed, knowledgeable and experienced individuals in Public Safety. Our understanding of NG9-1-1, Land Mobile Radio and Emergency Notification along with our commitment to make it right, give you an advantage that’s hard to match. In fact, going the extra mile to ensure we make it right is part of our DNA.

But don’t take our word for it. Take a look at just some of the stories we have for you, listed in the column on the right. We believe when you read these, you will get what we mean by your home team advantage.

The bottom line is that what is critical to you is what matters to the team of Motorola Solutions, the home of VESTA, and why we work diligently each and every day to deliver on our promises to you:

Know that your CRITICAL MATTERS™ to us.